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Well, I just found out that my supervisor is retiring, and that my ex-supervisor will be taking over this book. She's retiring in mid-May, but she's only going to be in full-time the next two weeks, and then she's taking vacation. Now, the thing about the ex-supervisor is that he just shouldn't be managing people. He's an extremely competent editor, and I'm glad to have him on the project. I just don't want to be reporting to him. Feh. I think this will have an impact on my decision to stay or go come July.

I really need to decide what I want to do about that. The problem is, if I'm not working here, what will I be doing? At this point, probably the only hope I have of finding full-time employment at this salary level is in math textbook editing. And if I'm going to stick with textbook editing, I might as well stay here, where it's known and relatively comfortable. I think I will definitely ask for a 10% raise, though, if they want to keep me on past July. Either that or let me do some freelance solving and such for some of the other books, or possibly even some of the other chapters in my book.

I think I should also really start pressing hard for looking for outside freelance work that actually pays. I could keep myself busy full-time doing volunteer stuff, but that won't pay the mortgage. Blargh.
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