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I am so not in work mode. The reason is this other project, the… - Queue — LiveJournal
October 29th, 2003
02:22 pm


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I am so not in work mode. The reason is this other project, the intermediaries thing. I'm on some board for it, and we meet once a week, and we do stuff. The meetings I can handle, but having to occasionally produce stuff for it really gets me unmotivated. I don't want to do it, even though it doesn't take much time. It's a fragmentation of my concentration, and I don't seem to handle that very well. It makes me totally unmotivated. It also doesn't help that the stuff I produce for the other project is mostly self-directed. With my main project, there are definite things I need to do, and having that helps me focus and makes it enjoyable to work. When I don't have that, I lose my motivation. I think I may try to avoid getting any out-of-meeting work for the other project. If that doesn't work, I may have a chat with the person leading the group and explain things. But, really, I don't feel like explaining this kind of thing to people I only see at work, people I don't feel particularly close to.

So, I did some of the work for the other project, and I've decided to leave it until tomorrow for now. Now I'll just focus on my main project.

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