Queue (queue) wrote,


Stayed up until a bit past 3 finishing Ender's Game. I'm leaning towards not starting Ender's Shadow right now. We'll see.

Then I get up this morning to find my computer fucked up. Some playing around deleting things, then grabbing a program to get rid of spyware and everything seems back to normal. My roommate used the computer last night, but he claims he didn't install anything. Blah, whatever. It was fine when I left it, and then it was screwed up after he used it.

Stove is coming between 12 and 4 today, and they'll call half an hour before it's delivered. Not sure what I'm doing today. I had planned on doing some work this weekend, but I realized that I really needed a book from work in order to do it, and I didn't get the book because I didn't go into work yesterday. Oh well. Guess it's more cleaning and reading and such. And I've been wanting to make apple fritters since I picked apples, so maybe that's what I'll do first thing with the stove.

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