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Finished Lovelock. Very good. And a complete story on its own, so I'm not chomping at the bit for the next book in the series. Lovelock is a combined effort by Card and Kathryn Kidd. Card has a little introduction, where he talks about their collaboration process, which I found very interesting. He also talked about how a collaboration is going to be different from the works of each author. It got me thinking about how much I really enjoyed Ender's Game, and I also was interested in comparing the styles of the two books. So I picked up Ender's Game again, and I'm enjoying it as much now as I did the first time through. It's been enough years, too, that I don't remember everything that happened, so it's stil entertaining on that level (although I could never forget the big surprise at the end of the book).

I've got fun work to do, but I really would rather be reading my book. I'll have some time to read tonight, but I also need to prepare for a one-shot roleplaying thingamajig that I'm doing on Friday. Canned adventure from the Star Wars roleplaying book I have, but it will give me a chance to see if I still enjoy running an adventure, and maybe start thinking about running something for real.
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