Queue (queue) wrote,


There was a history test I had to take tonight, but I hadn't studied at all, hadn't even done any of the reading throughout the class. I was pretty sure I was going to fail. It was a test midway through the class, and it would count for half of the grade, so there was still some faint hope that I could pass the class if I did well on the final. I was explaining this to hrafn in some big house that was ours. I had left the previous night, but forgot to close a door on the second floor, so I closed it and then had hrafn come into the room to make sure that no animals or anything had gotten into the room, so she indulged me and came into the room and stomped around and made noises so that any animals in there would be startled and would leave.

I think there was some other badness to the dream, or another bad dream, but I don't remember. I had this dream after waking up in the morning and going back to sleep, which usually causes me to have bad dreams.

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