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Had another sex dream, this one where it looked like we were going to have sex, and then she said, "Why don't you take a bath? You smell good." Which puzzled me even in my dream. Why would I need to take a bath if I smelled good? And then we went to the bathroom and the tub had some water in it along with some food, like some cooked greens and some orange mushy stuff. Then I woke up. Then I drifted back to sleep. I had another dream where I was trying to explain my sex dream to majes and hrafn, but majes kept interrupting me. And majes sort of morphed into zzbottom. Then, possibly in yet another dream, I was explaining my dream to another group of people, this time it was zzbottom, hrafn, dannara, xastalask, and the subject of the dream. I explained some of it, but then I didn't want dannara and xastalask to hear the rest of the dream, since it got pretty intensely personal. So i was goig to go inside with the subject of the dream and hrafn, and zzbottom followed, and I figured it would be okay for him to hear it, too.


No email, currently, except for my work email, so if you need to get ahold of me, work email (first_last@hmco.com (includes the hyphen)) or work phone.

Got a brace for my left wrist yesterday when I picked up the ibuprofen prescription. My right arm had been doing fine with the brace on it, but my left was hurting, so I thought I'd see if I could get both of them feeling good. Started taking the ibuprofen, and it's irritating my stomach, I think, even though I'm taking it with food. I don't know if it was that or something else, but I woke up a fair bit during the night last night, something I haven't done in quite a while. I tend to go through phases in my sleep patterns, so I hope this doesn't portend a new phase.
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