Queue (queue) wrote,

I don't actually want to go to work. At least the meeting I had for today got cancelled. And at least I have eTutorial stuff to check, which I really like (although it's just starting up, so there are going to be some kinks that need working out before I can really get into the swing of things). But I'd just rather stay home. Not anything in particular to do at home, but it has the advantage that it is where I am currently sitting. Found an appliance repair place close to me, one I've seen in the neighborhood before, too. Called and they don't open until 9:30, so I guess I'll call once I get to work. And they're open until 6, so maybe I can schedule an appointment for the end of the day tomorrow or something, or even the beginning of the day and show up late for work.

And in the more-stuff-to-stress-me-out department, my arms have been hurting. For a while (weeks? maybe longer but with a lot less frequency?) they've sometimes hurt at work when I've been mousing heavily or doing something to have them in the wrong position. Friday, they hurt after work for the first time. Yesterday was the first day that I woke up with them hurting. It seems that the position I hold my left arm in when I read a book aggravates it especially, so I have to stop reading in bed and start reading at the table. And, really, I should go see a doctor sometime soon so this doesn't get any worse. I think I'll get the stove fixed first. And figure out what's going on in one particular area of my personal life. Then I'll talk to a doctor, who probably won't tell me anything that I couldn't read in a book. Fucking doctors.
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