Queue (queue) wrote,


I was going to a Red Sox game with G_A and a couple other people. The kind of tickets we had were the kind where we weren't sure if we could get in or not until we got there, like they were only good if there were enough seats left, or something. Some guy came up and was talking with G_A, being kind of secretive. He left, and we found out that she had traded her one "possible" ticket to the Red Sox game for 2 actual tickets to a Cubs and Yankees game. I asked when the game was. She said it was during Arisia, realizing as she said it that there was no baseball going on then, and that she'd been tricked. We went to the game, the other people got in, and we explained about the other ticket. We realized that, when the ticket is redeemed, you would have to enter in the our phone number, since that is what activated the ticket, and that they could track that so they could find the guy when he tried to use the ticket. I spotted him then, and pointed him out to security, and there was some kind of chase.
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