Queue (queue) wrote,

Starting to feel all anxious and worrying and such. I've managed to keep myself busy every night this week, but I don't have anything going on this afternoon and tonight. Going to pick apples with my dad and sister this morning, but then they're going to watch the game in a bar, and I don't feel like hanigng out in a bar. I'm feeling anxious about the unscheduled time. Sitting at home brooding about my current favorit subject. It really has helped to have people to hang out with this week, but it's still definitely there. I had to tell myself (and get outside confirmation) that it would not be a good idea to drop off some apples at her door, even though she might appreciate some freshly-picked apples. I so want to reach out. Waiting an indeterminate amount of time is really going to be awful. And I really don't want to deal with the stupid stove. I really hope I can just replace that element and not have to get a new stove. I don't want to go pick apples. I want to take a bath and curl up into bed.

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