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The massage yesterday was very nice. If anyone is looking for a good professional massage, I'd be happy to talk to you about mattlistener. I got to watch part of the Red Sox game, too, and they ended up winning, so that's nice. i seem to have left my calendar at home, so I hope I wasn't supposed to go to any meetings today. I'll have to remember to grab it and write some stuff down in iit. Started reading Crooked House, the last Agatha Christie book I have but haven't read. I'm finding it not as good as the others that I've read, but it is from earlier in her writing career. Of course, it's still well into it. She'd been writing for longer than I've been alive when she wrote this book. I'm still interested to see how it ends up twisting in the end, though, and I should find out on the commute home today.

Two more Buffy episodes to watch, although I doubt I'll watch them for a while, as my week is already filling up, and then my dad is here this weekend. Other than my sister wanting to go apple-picking and me hosting dinner on Friday night, I don't know what's on the schedule. i hope to get some euchre in with the man who taught me how to play. Hmm, and I need to think about a cake, too. Thursday is my dad's birthday, and my sister's birthday was a few weeks ago. Ergh, I should probably figure out a present, too. I have no idea what to get him. I think I usually end up getting him books. So, maybe I'll hit a bookstore and see what's around.

Almost time to take off. I had a nice small job today of checking some printed ancillaries, that was easy and mindless, which is good. I guess I'll try to work until I take off.
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