Queue (queue) wrote,


Got an email from Boss Lady saying that some vendor had to get a copy of the chapter ASAP, so I'm waiting for her to free up so that I can ask her exactly what needs to be done with it. There's not much else I want to do, since I don't want to start in again on the other chapter I have to work on until I get all of the Chapter 5 stuff out fo the way, and I also don't want to have to keep switching gears. There's a layout meeting for Chapter 5 at 1 today, so I can hopefully find enough chapter 5 stuff to do until then so that I don't have to start working on Chapter 7 until tomorrow.

So I'm sitting here with nothing to do, waiting for her to free up. I suppose I could make a few more copies of my chapter so that everyone at the meeting can have their own chapter today. If I make 2 more, that should probably be enough. The copiers: one jammed on me 4 times within about 5 minutes yesterday. This morning, the other one is making huge amounts of rattling noises when it copies (I just heard it make noises for someone else from across the office, so I know it wasn't just me). I guess I'll go with the one that makes noisesand is slower rather than the faster one that tends to jam. I'll make a quick check at Boss Lady's office first, though, I guess.

Queue Haiku

A queue is a line,
but it's also a pigtail.
That's pretty fucked up.

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