Queue (queue) wrote,


My stomach has been messed up for a couple of weeks now. Feeling a bit different today, probably from the hamburger and Buffalo wings I had last night watching the Red Sox lose. Scallio pancake tonight, which isn't quite as bad. And I had some leftover tofu and spinach today, and I think I'm about to dig into the lentils and spinach. I really should bring more food to work in general, I think.

Going to be a slow day at work, I think. I finished some things I had been working on, so it's back to looking at some activities. They're crap, but at least they're not difficult, and I don't have to write anything (well, not much, anyway, maybe some rewording of stupid things).

Looking forward to games tonight. And I really hope the Sox don't lose on Saturday, since I would rather not watch them get eliminated from the playoffs. Looking forward to Boggle and massage on Sunday. Should be a good weekend. And next weekend my dad will be in town, so that will be cool. Plus I'll have Columbus Day off, so I'll have a day to just screw off, since my dad is leaving early that morning.
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