Queue (queue) wrote,


Got seasoned (garlic and onion) tofu and spinach, and that is sauteeing right now. Got red lentils, which are cooking now. Going to put cilantro and maybe some of the spinach in with the cooked lentils, probably some other seasonings, maybe some lemon juice. Got parsnips, and I'll combine those with the carrots I already have to make mashed carrots and parsnips, but I might not do that until tomorrow, since I'm not feeling much in a cooking mood right now. I'll eat some food, then probably take a bath, maybe watch some Buffy and/or read, then go to bed early. The next Buffy I have to watch is one of the few I've seen all the way through already, so I'm not excited about watching it, but I also don't want to skip it, in case there are little interesting tidbits, especially those pertaining to future plots. So, ugh, I guess I'll suffer through it.

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