Queue (queue) wrote,


Of course, more last-minute changes. I'm still trying to get the chapter out today, but it's not officially going out until next week, since they have now decided that editorial services (copyediting) needs to see it and we need to make changes before it goes to production (to be put into Quark). So, I get to rush today to get a copy to editorial services, including all of the art (which is going to be a pain to gather all together), then, I will get the chapter itself out to reviewers and such today, then I get to work on Chapter 7 on Monday and Tuesday, and maybe part of Wednesday, and then I'll get Chapter 5 back from editorial services, at which point I'll make the changes they suggest (or not, as the case may be) and get it to page production on Thursday or so. Whee. That fucking better be it for this round of this chapter. I can't wait for it to be out of my life, never to return except as a page layout.
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