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Tired - Queue — LiveJournal
October 1st, 2003
01:51 pm


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Stayed up until 11:30 reading last night. Now I've got a 2-hour meeting. At least I'm not expected to conribute a whole lot to this one. I have a few things to chime in at the appropriate moment, but nothing too much. And the important thing is that I don't think I'll walk out of the meeting with any assignments.

If I'm not lazy, I'll go to Stop and Shop and pick up some lentils, some cilantro, and whatever other veggies look good. If I'm lazy, I'll just go home and do something with canned beans, carrots, and onions.

I finished what I was supposed to get finished today, so that's good. If there's nothing else tomorrow, it's back to a back-burner project of editing some activities. I hope something more interesting comes up tomorrow before I have a chance to get started on these. They're not bad, just not very exciting. And it's going back to something I've laready worked on, so it's less appealing for that reason, too. And I really do like having deadlines; they make work more exciting, and I like knowing that something will be over at a certain point no matter what. So, this open-ended business is blah-making.

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