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September 29th, 2003
04:29 pm


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Day is done
Wow, it doesn't seem like the end of the work day, really. I got in later than usual, and then had a department meeting for an hour fairly soon after getting in. I had some work to do and did it. Of course, I found out that what we had been doing was wrong (because we had been given very little information from people). I finished up the current thing (after fixing it to meet the updated explanation of what I'm supposed to be doing with it) and will be starting on a related thing tomorrow, after the three of us who are working on the same stuff have a chance to talk with our supervisor and form a plan of attack for the next bit.

I've got a pile of cake-laden dishes waiting for me at home. Luckily, I also have a bit of cake waiting for me at home. My stomach is still acting funny, like it has for the past X days (where X is greater than 10) off and on. Maybe I should stay away from the sugary stuff. Have a tofu pup instead. Hmm.

I didn't do any writing yesterday. I'm going to make myself do some when I get home. Not anything particular, just the little timed-writing-in-a-notebook thing that I've been doing for a little while.

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