Queue (queue) wrote,


Cake for hrafn turned out well. And lots of people, which was cool. Had a nice long chat after everyone else had left, which was very good. Not so good for my sleep, but well worth it. A funny thing about yesterday is that I didn't once think about how I would have to go into work today. It just never crossed my mind, which is very unusual. I woke up this morning and had to think a little bit before I remembered that today I had to go to work. I don't stress too much about it usually, but there is a teensy bit of a doomed feeling most Sundays, knowing it's the end of the weekend. It was nice to spend a Sunday without that for once.

Department meeting in half an hour. I suppose I'll try to get a bit of work done before heading to the meeting. "Breakfast treats" are being served there; let's hope there's something I can eat (still avoiding dairy, although I've had thoughts about trying some non-cow milk).

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