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I finished my book and made myself peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. Then I slept for about 3 hours. It was interrupted by a lot of sawing and pounding from outside my window, but I didn't wake up enough to become motivated to shut the window.

Dream I had just before waking up had a lot of elements. My borther and sister were both there. My brother and I, along with one or two other people, had been looking for my sister. We sort of split up a little, and then my sister came around from a direction we had already been, asking hadn't I heard her shouting to me from somewhere. I turned and couldn't find my brother. Suddenly lyadann was there, and she pointed out my brother, a ways down the corridor (we were in a mall-type place). I saw someone who she might have mistaken for him and said that he wasn't there. She insisted. Then I saw him, and I originally hadn't seen him because he was with a girl, who lyadann was saying was a friend of hers. Just then, I saw the girl bend down, get a piece of paper out of her backpack, write something on it, and then give it to my brother. I said something happily about her giving him her phone number. The group all joined up, and we were walking somewhere. There was some intimation the this might lead to her and my brother having sex (as far as I know, my brother died a virgin at age 19). Somehow, there were two people in the group that I hadn't met. I was introduced to the first one, whose name was Nandia, and she was very careful to pronounce the second "n", obviously used to people getting it wrong. I said "Hi Nandia," but either I didn't say it right or she was so used to people getting it wrong, that she repeated her name, with the heavy emphasis, and said something about there being a second "n". Then Someone else in the group gave me a comic book, which my brother had gotten from lyadann's friend, who, as it turns out, writes a comic book. I flip through, and the images look familiar to me. The two main characters are short, round, Chinese people, one boy and one girl, all dressed in black. (Thinking back on it now, the girl character could have been a cartoonized version of jencallisto.) I liked the comic, and asked the person enxt to me if they knew anything about it, since I was trying to remember if and where I had seen it before. The person handed me the wrapper that the comic book had been in, so that I could read a little blurb about the comic and the author, but there was no URL on it, so I discounted the idea that I had seen it on the Web somewhere. I then met lyadann's friend, who I think was named Lydia. I said that I didn't think we'd met before, but then she said we had. "At the red house," which was some sort of reference to a place I had met her with lyadann. In any case, it would have been years ago, so I was forgiven for not remembering her. We got back to some house, and I was having a conversation with Lydia, everyone else having dropped out of the dream. She opened a closet and put away her latest issue, like she saved an archive copy of one of each. I was asking her if she did it all herself, all the lettering and whatnot, and she sort of quizzed me on what all of the steps would be. So I started thinking about it and came up with the steps in making a comic, and that seemed to satisfy her. I saw that she had a bag of older comics in the closet (I think she only had like 7 or 8 issues out), with a label of $10. She shut the door and we walked into the other room. Not being one to want to jump into things in the middle, I asked if she had a copy of the first issue. She said sure. She didn't mention anything about price, so I got out my wallet and found that I had a 10, thinking about how I could ask if maybe I could get a special price or something. Not being able to think of any polite way to say that, I gave her the 10 (was it in the dream or after the dream, but I remember thinking that it was $10 I couldn't really afford to spend). Then she said that she owed me $2 change. As we walked back to the closet, she explained that it was half off (I assumed because I got it from her in person), and then the rest, "Let's just say you're worth it." (yes, the math is screwy. If it ended up being $8, then it was more than $16 to start off with, not $10. Go figure). She looked at me pretyt intently, and I looked back, thinking that I was probably going to get a kiss. She turned to the closet to get the comic. She said "I'll bet those are non-lusty, rational thoughts you're having," in a teasing sort of way. I may have agreed or I may have not said anything. She turned to me and said "You really should shave for occasions like this," which confirmed that she had been thinking about kissing me. I said something lame like "I'll try to remember that for next time. <pause> I'll remember that for next time." Then, as she approached me to give me the comic, I was trying to figure out if I was going to get a kiss or not.

And then I woke up.

I really need more stuff like that to happen to me in real life.
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