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The page on NYTimes.com where I read the bridge column has developed a typo in the title. I tried ignoring it, and I'm sure most of you can guess how long that lasted. So I emailed them. Let's see how long it takes to get fixed.

Played Worms last night. Fun fun fun. I really like that game. I know I certainly wouldn't enjoy it as much playing it by myself, but I'm thinking about getting it. It's a $15 download. Ah, for the days when I could have made that purchase without even blinking an eye.

Got home by 10, watched a Buffy episode (one more left in the first season), then lights out by 11. Weird, semi-disturbing dreams last night. At least they didn't feature Pepsi product placement, like my dream on Wednesday night did. Now that was pretty fucked up. Life imitates Futurama.

Got told officially what I'd be doing for the next while. There are going to be four teams, one for each of the three high school books we're revising and one for tech, teacher's editions, and teacher support material for all of the books. I'm on the tech etc. team, which I alreayd knew, and which pleases me. A lot of variety, which is very good. Plus I get to work with Peggy and Rob, which I like. And there is still budget weirdness as far as staffing goes. I'm on the staffinf plan for next year (my contract runs out in December), but it still hasn't been approved. They're pretty confident that my contract will be renewed, though. No talk of a permanent position, so we'll see about that. I guess I don't necessarily need a permanent posiiton if I know that I'm likely to be sticking around. People seem to like what I do, so I imagine I wouldn't be the first person to get the boot if the budget has problems.

I've got stuff going on this weekend, but it's not completely packed up yet, like it is some weekends. Maybe I'll take some time to write. geeyodi let me borrow Writing Down the Bones, so maybe I'll take a look at that this weekend.

Dishes as soon as I get home tonight, though, since they've been sitting there for a while. My roommate did some of them last night, so I feel I should do the rest of them. And I could probably stand to put clean clothes away so that the laundry bag is free to put dirty clothes in, and maybe I cna start to make my room semi-presentable again.
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