Queue (queue) wrote,

Work idiocy

So, I think I'm completely done with the writing stuff. My supervisor made some changes and asked some questions, and I addressed all of those. Now I just have to work on these activities that were supposedly already worked on by a co-worker. Found more things to complain about. I mean, really, it appears she didn't even try to do the activities to make sure they were correct, otherwise she would have found some of these things I'm finding. And then there's her not paying attnetion to the fact that they're supposed to be 1 page, not 2. I mean, really. Gah. bitty, I don't knwo why you don't have a full-time job here. You could easily do a much better job than a lot of these people. Really, it takes pretty much no math expertise to do what we do. You need to have a brain and you need to have a decent grasp of basic algebra, geometry, and arithmetic. Gah.

("Well, at least you have co-workers," I can hear one of you saying.)
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