Queue (queue) wrote,

Did some of the writing. It's not too difficult, but it sucks. And I just hate having to do it. Which is why I'm posting here. And which is why I took my book into the bathroom for a couple of minutes. I did that earlier this week with Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. I've really been uninspired all week. So, anyway, last night I started Sick Puppy another one of the zillions of books I have but haven't read. I'm on the fifth chapter or something like that, and I'm really enjoying it. Nice humorous writing style, and one of the main characters is pretty intriguing. magid got me the book, I forget when. Thanks. If you've gotten me a book in the past couple of years and have never heard anything more about it, chances are it's sitting on my shelf unread. I'm planning on reading all of my unread books before I buy any more books, so you'll likely see it mentioned. I may forget who got it for me, since my memory for that kind of thing sucks. I often think that i should keep a gift log, but then I think of all of the other things I should/could track, and it becomes overwhelming. Also, I think that about how some things would not get on it, since I got them before I would have started the log. And then it would be incomplete, which is bad, which makes me not want to do it. So that's the story of why I forgot that you gave me that book.

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