Queue (queue) wrote,


I've got writing to do here at work. I hate having to write for work. And that makes me unmotivated. And after I'm done with that, I have some activities to edit. Some ones that someone else was supposed to do but she has some stuff that came in today that she needs to work on. (Of course, I finished my half of the same activities on Monday.) So, I'm supposed to bring all of the answers together. She says the activities themselves are ready except for one direction line that she'd like to reword, so I said I'd look at that and go ahead and release the activities. I look at the activities, and I find that a couple of them are more than a page. Not just slightly more, but they take up two full pages. And these are one-page activities. So, the outside writers who did them didn't follow directions, okay, well, that's kind of expected for outside writers. But I'm taking this over from one of the editors here. Someone who's been here longer than I have. I mean, give me a fucking break. Did you even look at these? You know these are one-page activities. Aaargh. So that needs to be done after I do the writing crap, and it needs to be done by three days ago. So I figure I'll crap something up for this writing thing today. And then I'll do what I can for these activities and try to get them out tomorrow. Crap crap crappity.

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