Queue (queue) wrote,

A napful evening

Got home, went to sleep at about 4:30. Woke up a few times, last time at 7:30 and got up about 7:50. When I awoke at 7:30, my time sense was all screwed up, since my impression was that it was 10:30. I ate a bowl of cereal before going to sleep, and I think I might eat another one. I am too wiped to do anything productive, so I think I might watch a show on Channel 2 called History Detectives and then go to sleep again.

Finished The Princess Bride. The edition I have (25th anniversary) has something else tacked on at the end called Buttercup's Baby, which I haven't finished yet. Not sure what I'll read next. Not capable of thinking about it right now, I think.
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