Queue (queue) wrote,

Feeling very unmotivated right now. I only have about 15 minutes of work left to do, then I'll have to scout out some more. I dunno. I think part of it might be my tiredness. I looked at that copyediting job again, and my reaction was "eh." Given that i was pretty excited about it last week, I think this reaction is, umm, something. Words. And stuff. Yeah. Thinking. Hmm. Thinking is unsuccessful at the moment. I need to get more sleep. And running in the mornings will mak eme more energetic, I think. We'll see if I can get to bed early (in bed by 10, lights out by 11) for the next four nights. I'm sure it won't happen. Not that I have anything scheduled, but I'm sure something will come up. Okay, how about this? I'll just try to do that tonight, and then go from there. Tonight, I'm in bed by 10. Maybe earlier, given how tired I am. Am. Am. Am. Am. Words.
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