Queue (queue) wrote,

Got some shopping done last night. Got home and took leftover rice from the fridge, added a can of black beans and some spices to it, and cooked that ont he stove for a while. Ate about half of it for dinner. Cooked up some sausages from the freezer in a little oil, some red wine, and garlic and crushed red pepper flakes. Put those in with the rest of the rice and beans and brought that with me for lunch today. Made raspberry chocolate mousse for dessert tonight for role playing. It's tastes pretty strongly of raspberries, so I hope people like it.

Start Murder on the Orient Express last night and read it on the commute in this morning. I'm something like halfway through. I really like it. I think I read Ten Little Indians years ago (high school, maybe?), but that's the only ohter Agatha Christie I've read. I have something like 4 or 5 of her books, mostly picked up from the free book shelf at my last place of employment. I also have a French copy of Ten Little Indians that i got during my high school trip to France. Hmm, I wonder if picking up an English copy of it would be useful for trying to read the French.

I was asleep before 11 last night. Was up a few times during the night, then was up a little after 6. Decided to stay in bed, and I think I slept some more. Got out of bed a little after 8.

Oh, and I finished Prostho Plus by Piers Anthony yesterday. An entertaining book. Not anything like a real coherent plot or anything. It mostly seems like the answer to the question: What would an Earth dentist do if he were flung into a galactic dental culture with all sorts of alien teeth? Not worth a second read, I think. I have some other Piers Anthony books that I haven't read, mostly Xanth books. Does anyone know how important it is to read this in order? Should I definitely read the first one first?
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