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I finished read all of the first two issues of New Genre today. Even though it was reading, I count it as productive since it's somewhat necessary for my work at New Genre.

I sent out my resume and cover letter to Tor for freelance proofreading. I had done some work on it a week or so ago. hrafn suggested that I put more in the cover letter, so I had put off rewriting it until today. She and I walked to the mail box and put it in the mail while there was still a little bit of light out, my first time outside today.

It's good that I did those two things, since I was a slug most of the rest of the day. So far today I have eaten several handfuls of oreos and the remains of the jalapeno hummus. And I took a nap today, falling asleep watching a Charlie Brown movie on TV. I hope my naps yesterday and today are related to my not getting good enough sleep the past two nights, and not related to whatever tonsil thing I have going on. I'm actually looking forward to the doctor's visit tomorrow, since it will hopefully mean I'll figure out what this is. what I'm not looking forward to is the prospect that I might have to get my tonsils out. That would suck. But, hey, ice cream. Actually, the only part that would really suck would be the needles. I fucking hate needles. For the actual operation, I'm sure I'd be knocked out, and I'm used to chronic pain (neck stuff), so I don't think the post-surgery stuff would bother me. It would just be the needles going into my arm before the procedure. Did I mention that I fucking hate needles?
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