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So my grandparents called at 8:45 last night. The first hotel they tried (calling it only an hour before they got there instead of 7 hours previously like they could have) didn't have anything available on the first floor, and they can't handle stairs. (No elevator? Weird.) So they ended up at a place on Soldiers Field Road in Bighton. Not wanting to take an hour of travel time each way just to say hi, I declined going out there for the evening (they were in for the night). So I told them to call me at work this morning, where I'll try to give them some ideas of what to do. I also said I'd meet them for lunch. *sigh* Not at all what I want to do and I really wish they'd planned this better.

Talking to my sister yesterday, I found out that she's convinced my dad to fly out here for a visit on his 50th birthday (early October). Don't know when he's coming, how long he's staying, anything like that. I'd forgotten that my dad was turning 50 this year. That should be quite a bit better, since my dad is fun to hang out with and can fend for himself. Should be able to get in some euchre, too.

There's beer in my fridge. Budweiser. I don't think there's ever been beer in my fridge (although I could be wrong). Weird. I continue to see my housemate in few-minute interludes every few days. If I have to have someone living here, someone I hardly ever see is about the best I could ask for.
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