Queue (queue) wrote,


So my sister called just as I was about to call her. She knew about this last week some time, told them this week wasn't good for her, told them to call me. She's at an "out-of-town meeting" today, so can't see them (she and her husband are going to her company's box at the Red Sox game), and she's babysitting tomorrow, so she'll be able to see them for lunch on Friday. So, of course, that puts most of the burden on me. And, yes, it is a burden. I've never been close to them. So, anyway, I call. They'll likely get into town around 6 or 7 or so tonight. I found them a reasonably priced hotel (Econolodge) near me, so they might end up staying there. No idea what they expect me to do with them. According to my sister, they're here until Friday. Dunno if that means they're leaving Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

So, I'll work, I'll go home, I'll wait for them to call when they get into town. I hope I'm not expected to either entertain them the whole time or find things for them to do. Especially on no notice. Feh.

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