Queue (queue) wrote,

Answering machin

I just saw that there were two messages on my answering machine this morning. I guess I forgot to check it last night.

The first one was about 5 seconds of silence.

The second one was. "Hi Kevin, this is Grandma. I can't reach either you or Kelly. We're in New York. See you tomorrow."


Huh? My grandparents in Indiana are coming out to Boston for the first time, and I hear about it the day before? I call my dad, who says that he gave them my number Friday. They likely tried calling but didn't want to leave a message. My grandmother sounded really uncomfortable with the answering machine when she left the message, so it makes sense. Anyway, she has supposedly spoken to my sister, so I'll give my sister a call when I get to work. And then I'll call my grandparents (I'm still amazed that they have a cell phone). So, this likely means no Mars for me anyway, even if I weren't too tired.
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