Queue (queue) wrote,


Got home midnight. Got sleep one. Woke up 6:30. Slept another hour. Still not enough sleep.

At least I don't have to carry my backpack to work. I left it there since (I thought) I couldn't bring it to the game. I found out on the way about new supposed rules. You can bring a bigger bag, like a backpack, as long as it will fit under your seat. If you do, though, you have to enter through gate B. And you are also allowed now to bring in a plastic water bottle, and there are drinking fountains to refill said water bottles. I haven't confirmed any of this, but, if it's true, it'll make going to Fenway a lot more pleasant experience.

Not that I'll be going to Fenway any time soon. They lost last night, so I don't get to go to any more games.

It was a pretty exciting game. We were down 7-1 and then scored 5 runs in the 4th. Then we tied it up, then got hammered again. Got to see Millar hit an in-the-park home run, though, which was pretty cool. 12-9. My first Red Sox game was a loss to Toronto, too, I believe.
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