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Link and some thoughts

Boston Sweeper - Free service that emails you when you need to move your car.

hrafn mentioned that she was surprised that I actually went through with the whole roommate thing. I guess she, like a lot of people, has been hearing a lot about how I really like living alone. For me, it came down to a money thing. Things are fairly tight, and there's also the uncertainty of what it's going to cost for hrafn going to school. This triggers all of those feelings from growing up about not having enough money. So, in the end, it really was no contest, since those money fears are a lot stronger than my desire to live alone.

And now the credit card debt has been transferred to stuff that isn't going to start charging interest for a year, and I think I can pay stuff off in that time, but I'll still be worried, so I'll likely still watch what I spend very carefully. I kind of miss the days of being able to spend money without worrying about it, but not that much. I'm happy with how things are, for the most part. And I'm sure I'll get used to the roommate thing, especially if I don't see him much, which seems like it might be the case.

And I've now officially done more work today than I did all of yesterday. No, that is not a good thing about my productivity today, except in relation to my productivity from yesterday.

I wonder if people would be interested in bridge on the lunch cruise tomorrow. I'll bring my cards just in case. And I'll definitely have the camera.

I saw a map of the Appalachain Trail in the math book I'm looking at. I got to thinking about doing a walk along the Oregon coast, since the whole coast is public land (from the shore line to the vegetation line). I did some checking, and there is an Oregon Coast Trail, with about 200 miles on the beach, 70 miles in woods, and 90 miles on US 101. A pretty dangerous hike if done the whole way, what with huge trucks and narrow shoulders on the highway. Might be interesting to at least look into part of it some time. The beach I was thinking about recently, though, was the Warren Dunes State Park in Michigan. Nice dunes on the shore of Lake Michigan. I went there numerous times growing up, since it was only 45 minutes away. A story I recently read in Strange Horizons (Momi Watu) takes place on the shores of Lake Michigan, in view of the Cook Nuclear power Plant, which I toured when I was in grade school.

Of course, I guess I'm not really big on going away from home. I really like driving, and I like the idea of going to faraway places, but I usually feel like I wat to be home within a short time. The exception to this was Italy, which was fascinating for three weeks. Maybe it was the inability to just go home easily. If I have a car and am only a matter of a day's drive from home, it's very tempting to want to go home. If I bought plane tickets to go to Oregon for two weeks, the inability to get home easily before that time was up might let me enjoy a vacation like that. Maybe I'll go visit Oregon next year, when I have some more vacation time and some more money.

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