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Not feeling very workiful right now. I'm in a bit of a state of . . . not sure. Unfocused mental energy? Or something?

I took off for a last-minute Cities & Knights game last night before my roommate showed up to move his stuff in. I got back home around 10:30, and the roommate was out, but all his stuff was there. I imagine his 2 huge speakers will be in the living room for a couple of days while he gets the rest of the stuff in his room organized.

It's weird sleeping with my door shut. It's weird shutting the bathroom door. It's weird waking up a little before 6 and not being able to use the bathroom. I'm sure there will be many more weird things to come.

I'm getting a gift delivered to me this evening. From hrafn's mother, although picked up out here for reasons of convenience. No idea what it is, but I'm sure it will be weird.

I've done crap that's compendium-worthy this month so far. I'd have more creative energy if I got my ass to bed at a reasonable hour every night. Well, I certainly have the opportunity to do that tonight, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. Let's see if I can have the lights off by 11 at the latest each night this week.

Hmm, 4 more hours to go. And I have time to make up, too. Well, I certainly am not in the mood to make up time now. I'll have the opportunity to do that tomorrow. But Thursday is the lunch cruise, so I won't be making up any time most likely. And Friday I'm leaving early, so I'll be digging deeper into the time hole. Oh well. I'm confident that there will again be a convergence of availability and willingness to make up time. Time time time.
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