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Lots of potential userpics (both for me and other people) from yesterday. I'll have to remember to get the pictures off of my camera tonight and send them out to people. Any friendly reminders of this would be appreciated.

Gone from having three things going on at once at work to coming in this morning with nothing to do. That was quickly remedied with an email waiting for me from someone here. I think, though, that this is all low-priority stuff, so not a whole lot of pressure.

Roommate moves fully in tonight. Another big change coming in my life is the moving of my Monday role-playing night to Wednesdays. I've had Monday role playing for almost 2.5 years. It will be weird to have a whole different night free. My, the things that must go on on Mondays!

Doing some more Tim Powers proofreading for NESFA, going to pick it up on Wednesday. Thursday is the work party lunch cruise, then Friday is The Dark Crystal. I think Saturday is open, and then Othello on Sunday.

Frisbee yesterday was a lot of fun. I need to play more frisbee. I'd really like to play some ultimate frisbee.

Okay, I guess I'll actually get to my work now.
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