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Sleep - Queue — LiveJournal
August 15th, 2003
08:09 pm


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I was in a weird place when I got home. I was really tired, but my mind craved stimulation and didn't want to sleep. I watched some TV, read some. Took a bath. finally went to sleep during the first Simpsons (6:30-7). Drifted in and out, finally getting up at 8. I don't feel like reading some more, and there's nothing on TV. It's a bit too hot now to try to go right to sleep. And it's not like I have anyone to call to entertain me for an hour or so until I want to go to sleep. I guess I might rummage through my movies or something and put something on. Or maybe a South Park episode or something. Hmm, maybe a bowl of cereal, too.

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