Queue (queue) wrote,

Land of dreams

I was back asleep some time before 10. Woke up a few times, as is usual, and then finally got up a little before 6. Some really nice thunder at one point last night, but it was pretty short lived. Had some long, interesting dreams, but i don't remember much of them now beyond a few snippets. I know there must have been at least three distinct dreams, because I remember three people from my life who were in these different dreams.

The bus heading toward Sullivan was right there when I came down to the bus stop. Since it was early, I decided to see what the drive to Sullivan was like. The bridge construction was done. I made it to my building 31 minutes after I stepped on the bus. If I manage to time it right, I think I'll start taking the Sullivan bus again. The only concern is not getting on a train since they can be all full at Sullivan at certain times of the morning.

Leaving early today to pick hrafn up from the airport. Well, actually, I got in early, so I'll be leaving on time for that. I managed to get the trash and recycling out this morning, which is the extent of the cleaning I've done since Monday. I'll have to do some more cleaning tonight, even though I'd budgeted it for relaxing. Oh well.

I'm having a hard time thinking past Saturday. I can't think of any reason having a housemate will dramatically affect other parts of my life, but it will be such a big change that I'm afraid to even think about it. Saturdya can't get here soon enough for me.
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