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After staying up too late last night trying to read some past issues of New Genre (at least there are only two of them), I got up this morning at 6 feeling like staying in bed, not getting up and writing. I got up and got ready, and then decided to at least read over some of my old writing, which is always a chore. I picked up a story I had started sometime around the beginning of the year and never finished. I read it for 15 minutes, making a few minor editorial changes (change em dashes to colons, inserting a missing word, stuff like that). I like the story, but not how I was originally intending it. I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but I think this will be my focus for my writing time in the morning (I figure I'll aim for 15 miuntes, and do more if it happens). I'm going to try to get it into some decent shape and see about submitting it online somewhere. I definitely don't think I'll be ready for print magazines any time soon, so building up rejection letters from online publishers should be a decent goal for now. I was thinking about making a web page called "100 Rejection Letters". I could just put all my rejection letters there, with the stated goal of collecting 100 of them. We'll see what heppens.

Looney game night was fun, although I only ended up playing one game. cthulhia and I went to Kinko's beforehand and made up 4 RAMbots screens on colored card stock, one color for each of the 4 Icehouse colors in the game. We had Rocket Red, Lunar Blue, Terra Green, and Sunburst Yellow. For $0.92 and a little bit of swearing at a copy machine, we made some pretty decent screens, using the picture from Playing with Pyramids. We'll have to figure out some way to make them able to stand up a little better, but they are a vast improvement over what we'd had before, which was pretty much whatever we could find to stick in front of our pieces (we ended up using folded up Harry Potter Trading Card Game promo posters that the store had around last game night, which was less than optimal). And one of the biggest benefits of the screens was that it was easier to remember which color I was.
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