Queue (queue) wrote,

Shogun (Samurai Swords)

I played Shogun in high school, and I liked it a lot. I acquired it later, after it had been discontinued and then re-released as Samurai Swords. I've hardly played it at all since getting it shortly after college (like, I think I've played it once). Is anyone interested in playing it at some point? It's a long game. If you've played Axis & Allies (which I've only played once and didn't like), it's in the same series as that, but I think it's a bit simpler and has a random start. If you've played Risk, it's sort of like that except more complex and with actual strategy.

If I get enough interest (I'd like to play with at least 4 people, 5 is max), I'd like to do a game some time. I found a re-ordering of the rules that claims to make things clearer than the printed rules. I'll be asking people to read these before coming over to play, whenever that happens.
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