Queue (queue) wrote,


I would be so there if I weren't employed:


Went to sleep at 7:45 last night. I was a bit tired, so I decided to nap until hrafn came over. I did wake up when she got there, but I just got up for the bathroom and went back to sleep. Woke up several more times during the night, got up at 5:30. Weird, crazy sleep patterns. I'm going to attempt to go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight, like maybe 9-10. Get home, start laundry, do dishes, check email and LiveJournal, do some writing (I'll go for at least 2 pages in my notebook), watch The Simpsons, practice the recorder, put laundry in dryer, watch The Simpsons, read some French stuff, put laundry away, read Winter's Tale until going to sleep. Sounds like a good plan.
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