Queue (queue) wrote,


So, the blood drawing at my physical last week was probably my easiest blood drawing yet. So I started thinking about giving blood, especially since my company has a blood drive coming up. I've always hated getting stuck with needles. I overcame that once to give blood, freshman year in college. I was told it wouldn't hurt, but it hurt the entire time the needle was in. It was an awful experience. But I know that giving blood is a good thing to do. Despite any concerns with the politics of blood banks, people need blood. I also found out that there is a raffle for Red Sox tickets for the donors, and all donors apparently get a T-shirt. I've been known to do a lot more just to get a T-shirt. So, yeah, I've got an appointment to give blood a week from today. I'm a bit nervous, since I'm such a big wimp. I'm sure it will be fine, though.
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