Queue (queue) wrote,

New Genre

Did the editing session on the last story for this issue of New Genre last night. I really feel like I'm making a contribution to this, and I really believe that the magazine is going to be better for having my input. Yay. I have more thoughts about writing something. Brief flutters of an idea this morning. I should really find time every day to write. The problem is that my schedule is so screwy, that I really can't find a time when I can consistently write, which is what I'd have to do to write. Of course, as I'm typing thatlast sentence, I concede that I could take time, like half an hour, every morning to write. I just really like getting in to work as soon as possible, so that I can leave as soon as possible, but it's mostly a psychological thing. It sometimes buys me a couple of hours at home alone, but that's mostly unproductive time. And it usually just gets me to various social things earlier, which is valuable, but it doesn't move me towards writing. So, I guess I can take half an hour each morning to write. Actually thinking about the prospect of sitting down and writing for a solid half hour is a pretty daunting prospect. That's a lot of time to write. I mean, I can write this whole journal entry in 6-8 minutes. Well, we'll see how it goes tomorrow. I guess I can get up at 6, write from 6:15 to 6:45, then head out to work, which doesn't actually get me in much later than I have been. We'll see how it goes.

Feeling quite a bit better today. Some of that might be due to feeling accomplished from last night, and some of it might just be whatever cyclical thing has run its course and won't bother me for a while. I have a hunch that it's mostly the former.

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