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Don't feel much like working again today. Although I did find out… - Queue — LiveJournal
August 7th, 2003
08:48 am


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Don't feel much like working again today. Although I did find out yesterday that my current assignment will be easier than I thought. Even though this is for a New York assessment book, I don't in fact have to make sure that all the New York standards are covered and such, which means I most likely won't have to be writing any additional or replacement exercises for these. So it's mostly just going to be making sure the questions make sense, making sure they fit the style of the chapters and such. So, let's see how much of this I can get through before noon, when I go to play bridge. Then some quick prep for a meeting at 1:30, which will probably go until 2 or so, since there will only be 2 of us at the meeting. Then 2 more hours and I can leave. Of course, I could just stay at work a bit longer, since I'm not likely to do much productive when I get home. I had the intention to do a lot of cleaning and such last night, but all I ended up doing was washing dishes. Then read, watched TV, and went through some of the bridge tutorial that I got from the American Contract Bridge League site.

Had some weird dreams last night. Somewhat bad, but mostly just weird. I'm not sleeping well recently. i guess it's probably mostly the weather. Hum. I'm hungry, but I didn't bring any food today besides some plums. I guess I'll finally eat those. We'll see if any free food materializes in the office today.

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