Queue (queue) wrote,


I just remembered yesterday that I'm in an all-day meeting today at work, so, really, this will now be three work days in a row of not "working". This will be a working meeting, but it's not the normal work, which might make it a bit interesting. Of course, it looks like I'm going to lose out on some checking of proof, which I like. Oh well.

At least I'll get some free food.

Yesterday was good. Some going-through of things, some napping, some Carcassonne with the builders and Traders expansion (neato), some Battleline (I finally found it! I cleverly put it in the wooden box that has playing cards pasted to the outsides, and I completely spaced on that until yesterday), some moving of an air conditioner, and some euchre (which is a nice brain-break from bridge).

Maybe a little bridge today if I'm not too zonked after my meeting. Maybe some other games, too. I don't know if I've ever been in an all-day meeting before.
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