Queue (queue) wrote,

A night

Went to bed early, intending to run. Woke up quite a bit during the night and had some bad nightmares. Woke up a little after 6, extremely tired. So I didn't go running. I'll try for some more earlyish nights this week and see how it goes.

Got quite a bit of cleaning done last night (and a little bit this morning). Did all the dishes, picked up the kitchen and living room. Vacuumed, including the basement and the basement stairs. Took out trash and recycling. Made dinner (so I have a few dishes to do up). didn't get my writing done, so I'm going to see about maybe taking a break during the day to do that or something. I made some decent progress at work yesterday. I'm cautiously optimistic that I can get this current thing done by tomorrow. It looks like it's only going to involve writing 7 exercises, and then putting all of the changes in the files. The big thing for me, though, is writing the exercises. 7 isn't too bad, especially since they're mostly in pairs of similar exercises with different contexts.
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