Queue (queue) wrote,


Well, we got our offer accepted on a house. Not the biggest one we've seen, but it's nice. If all goes well with the inspection and suchlike, we will be closing on May 16. I wonder if we would have the house ready in time for a birthday party. We'll have to see.

The hosue is in Everett, right near the intersection of Ferry and Elm. Decently residential, with walking access to some businessy district (is that downtown Everett?). It's not particularly T-convenient, but it's still just a short drive to Wellington, which is what hrafn does for work, so it shouldn't affect her commute at all. Might add a couple of minutes on to mine.

Overall, I'm just glad that we're (hopefully) done with this. It will be really nice once everything is settled and we actually have the house.
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