Queue (queue) wrote,

Summer Party

Just got an email about the company's summer party. It's a lunch cruise around Boston Harbor. Wow. We board at 11 on August 21, then cruise around the harbor from 12-2. I wonder if they expect us back to work after that. Probably not.

I didn't go running this morning, but I did get laundry done, so that felt pretty good. We'll see if I can muster the motivation to do the dishes tonight. Then running early tomorrow morning. Then a full social schedule for the rest of the weekend. Ultima, pool party, moving, and Macbeth. Hmm, that reminds me that I need to figure out a dish to bring to Macbeth. And I also need to make orange Bavarian tonight.

I've got a bunch of work to do today. Luckily, there are actually some smaller bits that I can complete before getting on to the larger task, so that should make me feel at least somewhat accomplished. Let's see if I can get those bits done by 11.
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