Queue (queue) wrote,

I am moved

I'm sure I will eventually get used to the near-constant sounds of the bathroom doors opening and the toilets flushing, much as I got used to the sound of trains passing by when I lived near railroad tracks.

My computer was gone when I got in this morning, so I figured that meant I should move all the rest of my stuff. I'm all moved in, now. Computer and phone transfer were invisible to me. I've got more room in this cubicle, both floor space and desk space, but I'm sure that will quickly disappear under a mountain of papers. We'll see.

Yesterday's Foxtrot got me in the mood to watch Tron, so I started watching it last night in the bath, then moved to my bedroom. Turned it off as I was getting sleepy, a little after 9. I'd seen all of the cool stuff I'd wanted to see already, anyway (the games). I was probably asleep before 9:15. Heard thunder at arond 4:45. Decided the rain meant I wasn't going running. As nice as running in the rain might be, it just doesn't work with glasses. It had stopped raining by the time I got up, but it started again sometime while I was underground. I got a bit soaked on the walk from Arlington to work.

Feeling down, and I know the reason. It's something I could change, but the alternatives are worse. Maybe. Blah.

Feelings of qestioning what the point of my existence is. I'm not doing much recently that I consider productive. I guess I should get back to being productive. But the feeling down mentioned above is getitng in the way of that. Blah blah blah.

Busy weekend already. And I've got a new book. Escape escape escape.

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