Queue (queue) wrote,

A full day

Shopping, breakfast (not made by me), Ultima, hair cut (not my hair, but given by me), photo shoot (I was the model), dinner (made by me), euchre (lost), Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers (won).

The squash and pasta from Cook's Illustrated turned out wonderfully. My first thing from one of their magazines. Definitely a recipe worth repeating and worth playing with.

My legs are doing a lot better today. We'll see how they hold up after a run tomorrow. I did actually do a little running for the photo shoot, but nothing as intense as I would have done normally.

I found out I really enjoy modelling. Okay, I already knew it, but it was cool to confirm it. Not that I'm very easy on the eyes, but I'm willing to model for any budding photographers (or real photographers) out there. Hmm, I wonder if I could make some money doing bearded ugly guy modelling.

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