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My current assignment is not of the type I like. I have to fix/write new exercises for a couple of tests so that they cover all of a state's standards. Give me proofreading any day. Please keep stuff like this away.

The person who gave this to me said "It'll be fun. You'll like having a long project [note: this could take several days], because I like having long projects. You seem to get a lot of short projects." Yes, I like short projects, thank you, because I can get them done, feel a sense of accomplishment, then move on to the next thing. I do not like long projects, especially ones involving writing exercises (which the long ones usually do). Blah.

At least the usual person I work for knows that I don't like writing and tries to avoid giving it to me. She's out on vacation, but she gets back next week. Not in time to save me from this project, but I hope it saves me from the next one.
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