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I finished God Emperor of Dune this morning. Very good book. Excellent book. I'll be getting the fifth book in the series on Saturday.

Doing all the reading I have, I haven't felt very productive. So, instead of sitting and watching TV this evening, I decided to do some writing. I'd been thinking about this for a couple of days, so I decided to start on it and see where it goes. I'm writing an essay (and, if you had known me in high school, you'd be asking where the real Kevin in right now) on my name. I even called my dad and did a mini-interview. I confirmed some family lore and even found out some information that I hadn't known before. I tried calling my mom, too, but her phone is busy. There's one piece of the story of my first name that only she can answer, so I want to talk to her, too. I've written bits about my first and middle names. The one on my last name will probably be the most interesting.

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to post it or read it at the next story reading. I'll likely end up posting it in any case, but it's a question of whether I want to read it at story reading or not. If I do, then I'll hold off posting it until after that. We'll see.

And I hesitate to mention it lest I jinx it, but I plan to go running tomorrow morning before work. I've even laid out running clothes and everything. If anyone reading this is up at 5:30 tomorrow morning, feel free to give me a call to tell me to get my lazy ass out of bed (that will probably be the time I decide to go back to sleep, if I don't manage to get myself up when I first wake up). I've known I needed to get some more physical activity in, but the most immediate cause of this urge to exercise was brought on by some comments from someone about my lack of exercise and how I won't be able to stand up when I get old (not to mention the comments about my chubby gut).

Okay, to bed nowish, I think, especially if I plan on getting up before 5:30. I just hope it's not cloudy, so the sun will wake me up nice and gently.
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