Queue (queue) wrote,


I'm tempted to leave early. My neck is bothering me, and being home earlier rather than later would be a good thing. And there's not really a whole lot going on here. I've got something to do, but it's not particularly fun, and I don't get the feeling that there's a terrible rush on it. I'll be going even deeper into the time bank hole, but, really, I know there are times when I'm doing something enjoyable that I don't mind being here for 10 hours. So, I think I can just borrow time against days like that. If I manage to get to bed early all weekend, I could definitely see myself getting up at 6 Monday morning, in by 7, leave work at 5. Hmm, gaming is at my house on Monday, so that would mean making dinner in advance and reheating it, probably. But, really, I'd probably be doing that anyway, since I'm planning on making lasagna, and I don't think I'm going to be making lasagna between work and gaming, anyway. Sounds like a plan. I'm outta here by 3:45, I think.
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